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Georgia became an ECDataWorks partner state in 2017. The Georgia Department of Early Care & Learning (DECAL) houses a data system with child-level data matched across programs and services in DECAL, including the Georgia Department of Public Health, the Georgia Department of Education, and the Georgia Department of Human Services- Division of Family and Children Services. The ECDataWorks team is working with the DECAL team and their stakeholders to design an analytic tool to gather real-time stakeholder feedback on the data system functions and reporting features and inform and prioritize their research agenda. The tool will include a dashboard that compiles information on use of the CACDS website, requests for reporting additions and updates, and examples of how stakeholders have used CACDS data to inform the data governance decisions. The data from the tool will inform policy updates, promote continuous product improvement, and allow the team to identify gaps in product service or potential data linkages.