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Using Data to Respond to Emerging Needs: A National Community of Practice

Friday, June 5, 2020

Is your state working to use data to inform emerging needs across publicly funded programs? 

As governments respond to the current health crisis, the need for information about child and family services is rapidly evolving. ECDataWorks is launching a new virtual community of practice to share lessons learned and strategies for collecting and reporting on responsive data to emerging needs (e.g. COVID-19, disaster response) as part of their state activities. This workgroup will be facilitated by Missy Coffey, Phil Sirinides, and Howard Morrison and designed for any state working on responsive data to emerging needs in their ECIDS. This workgroup will meet monthly from June through December 2020 and include session(s) highlighting state examples and discussing the current needs and strategies for using data to inform policymakers and public stakeholders.

Participants will: 

  • Learn about using data to respond to emerging needs and why it matters
  • Gain knowledge of strategies that support evolving data analytic needs
  • Share lessons learned about how data are used during emergency response scenarios
  • Increase their network of resources and supports

To receive the workgroup invite please email Howard Morrison by June 10, 2020, with your interest or any questions about this workgroup.