Cohort 3 States

The ECDataWorks team is excited to announce partnerships with three new states, which will make up Cohort 3 of the project. Connecticut, Michigan, and Nebraska will join Minnesota and Utah (Cohort 1), and Georgia and Texas (Cohort 2).

To build on the great work and momentum of the project thus far, each Cohort 3 state has been paired with a Cohort 1 or 2 state whose analytic tool aligns with their state priorities and context. Cohort 3 states will use their project funding to develop a planning report that will articulate the value of the selected analytic tool and identify the resources and activities required for its development and implementation. These reports will help states in their requests for funding for development and implementation following this planning period. The leads from Cohorts 1 and 2 will serve as mentors for the new state partners, sharing lessons learned and guiding them through planning for development and implementation of the analytic tool.

  • Connecticut will develop a feasibility report for an ECIDS Governance dashboard modeled after Georgia’s “Ask CACDS” tool.
  • Michigan will develop a feasibility report for a data story builder modeled after Minnesota’s Kids Explorer.
  • Nebraska will develop a feasibility report for an interactive Community Assessment Tool modeled after Utah’s CAT.